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      At Yongyi, we understand that product pipe purchased from us plays a crucial role in the success of our customers' projects.They need products they can depend on from a supplier they can rely on every time,on time,and at a fair market price.When we deliver on that commitment,we're all successful.

      Before any product leaves our plant it receives a Yongyi Pipe Company stamp,which is the assurance that everyone involved with the project has achieved the high quality standards demanded by the industry,as well as the even higher standards we set for ourselves.And most importantly,it assures our customers that the pipe will perform to meet their expectations of our products and our company.

      Yongyi Company facility operates an autonomous quality assurance department that reports directly to the G.M.Because we are committed to eliminating problems before they occur,our quality process begins with monitoring our suppliers. Their qualifications are regularly reviewed and all raw materials are certified prior to beginning production.The customer's specifications are reviewed before manufacturing begins,and we have a full complement of testing equipment to monitor each stage of production. We also have inspectors checking the finished product to assure that every order leaves our yard in 100% compliance with the customer's specifications. And it doesn't stop there. We also assign field representatives at the job site to provide assistance during installation. They are there to answer questions and provide technical guidance to the contractors and inspectors.

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